Before you jump into the bandwagon of homeowners who have cheerfully accepted the Coretec flooring types for their homes, you need to consider the important facts about it. Moreover, take a decision that is helpful in the long run.Waterproof features – That’s one of the best parts when marketers tell you that the Coretec flooring is a waterproof one and indeed, it is true. But, you always need to verify the product you are buying is genuine.

No moisture barrier – The above stands true, but this one’s more important. Coretec doesn’t offer a moisture barrier and that is the reason why you should ensure a moisture-free concrete on the subfloor.

Durable – It would have been any other brand or product to have earned the rave reviews if Coretec plus wasn’t durable enough. It is one of the USPs that this flooring type can sustain for a long time and also offers dent-resistance.

Stable – Since these are waterproof installations, the questions about its expansion and contraction is futile. The Coretec type stays consistent throughout any season and any condition.

Adhesive instructions – USFloors, the manufacturer of Coretec flooring range emphasizes on the use of adhesives of a particular brand as per their instructions or it may not yield positive results.

DIY installation – As compared to other types, the installation of Coretec planks is actually easy due to very simple techniques used in it. But still, people who don’t want to mess it may call upon professional installers for that.

Prerequisites – In one of the Coretec Plus XL installation instructions available online, it has asked buyers to conduct a check on flooring for any visible defects. These are the pre-installation job site requirements.

Green council certified – It has received the approval of the US Green Council for being the eco-friendly flooring type. As a responsible buyer, you would want to buy environmentally-friendly products for your home.

Cost – You may better call for quotations from different suppliers as it will give you a profound idea of the exact range. The prices are affordable, but you will have to keep some extra expenses in mind regarding any pre-installation requirements

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