Fitting Flooring

Reasons why you should Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

With the solid solutions you will need to place an underlay to ensure the floor is completely even before you start your installation process If you are not DIY savvy, then you may find that hiring a professional company will be the best option for you in the long run (gulv xtra). These professionals not only lay floors daily, but they will be able to finish the room within the shortest period of time, while ensuring that the floor is installed to the very highest standards so you can enjoy your new floor for years to come.

Once the floor arrives, you will want to make the placement of the floor and then start with the first board, placing it in position and securing it ( From here you can start laying the remainder of the floor, cutting and fastening the strips to complete the desired finish. Double check each board is securely installed to reduce the risk of unnecessary movement. Remember real wood will expand and contract, so you will want to keep this in mind to ensure that your floor doesn’t lift accidentally in the future.

When the last plank is placed in position and the entire floor has been secured, you will want to sand the floor and then finish it, unless you purchased a pre-finished floor ( Most flooring options that are solid wood come unfinished, which means you will want to sand it, smooth it and then choose the stain colour you want. This is then finished with a top coat once the stain has dried to protect the floor moving forward.

Always ensure you follow the manufacturers or suppliers instructions on care and maintenance so that you know you will have this floor to enjoy for many years to come

Fitting Flooring